Tree Planting Services

Planning for future generations

Tree Planting Services

ATTS Group is offering tree planting services to rural municipalities, NGOs, and private and industrial landowners on agricultural lands in Canada’s prairie provinces. ATTS Group has partnered with an Alberta tree planting company, Shakti Reforestation Ltd., to provide complete tree planting on your land:

  • riparian tree planting along stream banks or seasonally wet areas such as pond perimeters, marshes, and wetlands
  • establishing windbreaks and wildlife habitats, including bee pollinators habitat
  • establishing new woodlots and agroforestry sites
  • connecting established natural woodlots or forested riparian areas to each other
  • performing understory plantings in existing forests on private and conservation easement lands
  • restoring marginal farmland for conservation or wildlife purposes
  • delivering afforestation projects on private lands to address climate change goals

We offer the following tree planting services:

  • project evaluation and design
  • tree selection and purchase of seedlings
  • site preparation and weed control
  • tree planting
  • verification of survival and creation of a sustainable site or plantation

Our highly experienced team of staff (over 100 years of experience) will help you to create a new forest, restore forests along the riparian areas, connect natural habitats, wildfire recovery, restore native ecosystems, improve water quality, mitigate climate change, protect and create new diverse habitats.