Business Services

business based on informed decision

Business Diversification in Rural Communities

With years of experience working rural municipalities, and communities, we fully comprehend their social, economic and environmental   challenges.  Not only economic but also social and environmental issues. We offer services to provide long term sustainability of rural communities:

  • Explore and enhance business diversification and expansion opportunities
  • Ensure business retention by assessment of current environment
  • Assessments of current municipal programs, policies, and services to ensure business growth and expansion
  • Actively seek investment and attraction in renewable energy, waste management and agriculture sector
  • Guide communities to get access for Government grants, and programs
  • Evaluate and assess the economic impact
  • Strategic Planning
Government Relationship

With two decades experience working within provincial government administration we offer you reliable and trustworthy services for your business. We will help navigate you through maze of administration for all level of governments. We are well positioned to foster, strengthen and improve your business relationship with the government.  We are well equipped to explain how to get government grants, incentives and programs that can help the growth of your business. We offer the following services to our clients (small, medium and large business):

  • In-depth insights of relevant players and government priorities
  • Grants, incentives and program access and application process
  • Increase business profile to policy developers and decision makers
Business Development

We are helping businesses to make informed decisions based on the assessment of their current business while exploring and capitalizing on new opportunities. We also help businesses to reinvent themselves  based on previous experience. Our services include:

  • Assessment of skills and knowledge
  • Process evaluation and streamlining operation
  • Develop growth pathways
  • Market exploration and growth strategy development
  • Reinventing business options
Public and Motivational Speaking

With over 2600 public speaking engagements and as a motivational speaker – Toso Bozic will make sure that you turn your fear of public speaking into enjoyment of public speaking for whatever occasion it might be. For some people public speaking comes naturally while for others it may not, but both requires practicing and learning. Our experience in public speaking, coaching and mentoring will be tailored to your needs. We offer the following services:

  • Individual coaching sessions  
  • Public speaking workshops
  • How to build a powerful presentation
  • Public and motivational speaking at events